XOT protocol stack

Call Data Record (CDR) collection from many Telecom switches, e.g. Siemens EWSD, Lucent 5ESS, Alcatel 1000 S12, is still performed over legacy CMIP/FTAM/TP0/X.25 interfaces.

Historically CDR collection platforms were built using OSI CMIP/FTAM software stacks, kernel drivers that included OSI TP0 software and physical X.25 cards/drivers built into the OS platforms. See figure on the right.

The maintenance of these CDR platforms has become difficult for service providers as the combinations of operating system, software, card and drivers have failed to keep pace with operating system development. This has resulted in problems sourcing, upgrading and maintaining some of the applications listed below:

  • CDR collection solutions for linux and windows platforms
  • Specific CDR collection solutions on OS platforms (Solaris Sunlink OSI, HPUX OTS-9000, IBM AIXLink)

RFC 1613 (X.25 over TCP/IP - XOT) addresses this problem by removing the need for X.25 cards and drivers in the host. X.25 messages are delivered over TCP/IP to an XOT router which delivers the X.25 messages to the switch. See figure on the right.

The Xelas XOT user stack further simplifies the problem through:

  • Implementation of IEC 8073 TP0 and RFC 1613 XOT running in linux/unix user space
  • Seamless integration with Xelas UTS-FTAM to provide a seamless solution for CDR collection in linux user space
  • Proven interoperability with legacy switches (Siemens EWSD, Lucent 5ESS, Alcatel S12 etc.)

Customers include : Antel Uruguay, Teoco, Telkom South-Africa

Platforms supported

  • Redhat Linux
  • CentOS Linux
  • Windows
  • Other platforms available upon request

For more information email: info@xelas.com