Embedded OSI Protocols

Xelas Embedded Telecommunication Solutions (ETS) products provide management and communication services to network elements (NEs), gateway network elements (GNEs) and operation support systems (OSSs). Products are fully compliant to Bellcore GR-253 standards for SONET/SDH networks.

ETS products are provided in source code format. Developers can easily port this source code to run on any target realtime operating system. ETS was designed with network element hardware and software vendors in mind. The products are fully standards compliant and have been widely deployed.

ETS is distributed as a suite of products/components. The products can be combined to deliver FTAM initiators , CMIP Agent Development tools specifically and TL1 over OSI applications in RTOS environments.

ETS can be expanded to support the G.7712 standard that allows mutual tunneling for OSI and IP management. For more info see the G.7712 white paper.

Product Highlights

  • Installed in thousands of Network Elements worldwide
  • Proven interoperability with all leading vendors equipment
  • Jupiter OS provides for fast portation, memory management and test tools