TMN CMIP Agent Development Environment

Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP)

The TMN CMIP Agent Development Environment (TMN ADE) enables developers to easily build customizable, dynamically configurable, CMIP-conformant agents. The resulting, fully functional TMN Agent provides the value added, agent role process for network elements, Q-adapters, and mediation devices at the NE, EML, NML, and SML layers of the TMN model.

Product Highlights

  • Integrated GDMO and ASN.1 compilers
  • C++ Code generation from compilers and GUI - significantly reduces development time
  • Highly scalable and performant C++ framework
  • Fast prototyping in minutes due to high-level of automation
  • Standard Sysyemtn Management Functiona (SMF) supported
  • Static or Dynamic MIB Loading
  • C++ API Classes provide access to all CMISE and ACSE operations
  • Proven interoperability

The TMN ADE application development includes layers 5-7 of the OSI stack : Session, Presentation, ACSE, ROSE and CMISE. A Xelas lower layer OSI Protocol Stack is required to make a complete OSI stack profile - refer to Xelas UTS-TCP, UTS-LAN and UTS-X.25 products.

Complimentary Products

Platforms supported

  • Redhat Linux 4,5,6,7
  • Suse Linux 9,10,11,12
  • HPUX Itanium 11i
  • Solaris 10
  • AIX 6 and 7
  • Windows
  • Other platforms available upon request