TP4/INLP protocol stack

INLP is present in some legacy industrial automation and warehouse environments in which Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are enabled with the TP4/INLP protocols.

Some examples:

  • Siemens S5 PLC systems
  • Télémécanique/Schneider APRIL PLC systems
  • Other legacy PLCs

The Xelas TP4/INLP protocol stack implements the following protocols:

  • ISO 8072 TP4
  • ISO / IEC 8473 INLP subset
  • LLC

It provides support for the ISO / IEC 8473 INLP subset of CNLP. The Inactive Nework Layer Protocol Subset is used when the source and destination end systems reside on the same subnet and the full CLNP protocol capabilities are not required to provide connectionless service to the end systems.

The introduction of the TP4/INLP user stack can :

  • prolong the life of installed plant / PLC infrastructure
  • prolong the life of various management / control applications which are tied to specific operating systems.
  • help with scheduling of plant downtime for PLC replacement / upgrade.