File Transfer Access and Management (FTAM) is an OSI communications protocol widely used for the collection of CDRs (Call Data Records) from telecommunication switches. Xelas FTAM binaries interoperate 'out of the box' with many of the leading Telecommunication switches : Alcatel Lucent 5ESS, Siemens EWSD, Alcatel 1000 S12, Ericsson AXE and many more.

Xelas provides a complete implementation of the FTAM ISO 8571 series of standards ready for integration with CDR collection applications. The package includes:

  • FTAM initiator binaries for file manipulation including: fcp, fls, frm, fra (attribute modification)
  • FTAM responder binary
  • FTAM APIs for when FTAM functionality must by tightly coupled with existing customer applications

Xelas FTAM binaries include layers 5-7 of the OSI stack : Session, Presentation, ACSE and FTAM. A Xelas Lower Layer OSI Protocol Stack is required to make a complete OSI stack profile, please click here for a description of the Xelas UTS-TCP and UTS-LAN products.

Xelas recently released the XOT protocol stack which facilitates running X.25 over TCP/IP to the switches listed above. Please see the XOT product page for more information.

Some switches use CMIP command sequences to trigger FTAM downloads. Applications to deliver these commands can be built using the Xelas MDE product.