OSI Protocols for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Telecommunication equipment utilize a range of proprietary protocols and OSI conformant protocols for Network Management, Call Data Record (CDR) collection and other configuration activities. Xelas OSI Transport products provide data transmission services for OSI-conformant applications and proprietary protocols.

OSI Transport options available

  • UTS-LAN: OSI Transport Solution delivering Transport Class 4 (ISO 8073), Connectionless Network Layer Protocol (ISO 8473), End System to Intermediate System Protocol ES-IS ( ISO 9542) and Logical Link Control (LLC) protocols
  • UTS-TCP: OSI Transport over TCP/IP solution implementing RFC 1006 - Transport Class 0 (ISO 8073) over TCP/IP protocol. Compatible with devices or routers which support RFC 1086 (TP0 bridge between TCP and X.25)
  • UTS-XOT: OSI Transport over RFC-1613 (X.25 over TCP/IP - XOT)
  • TP4-INLP Protocol stack: OSI TP4 over INLP Transport implementing 8473 INLP subset

A standards based Transport Layer Interface (TLI) is exposed to allow proprietary protocols to communicate over both OSI Transports. Programmers have direct access to this interface to integrate proprietary protocols / applications.

All Xelas OSI Conformant protocols / applications (CMIP, FTAM, X.400, X.500, VT, MMS) are fully integrated with this TLI interface allowing full 7 layer communication deployments.

Historically these OSI Transport protocols have been implemented as kernel drivers. Xelas now delivers the functionality in UNIX/Linux user space leading to enhanced portability, system stability and easing access to third part support services.

Product Highlights

  • Installed in thousands of Network Elements and Applications worldwide
  • Proven interoperability with all leading vendors equipment
  • Linux/UNIX user space implementation enchances system stability and performance