Xelas TMN Tools

Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP)

The Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) architecture and supporting Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP) are widely deployed in the management of telecommunications equipments worldwide. Retix Corporation and Vertel Corporation were pioneers in the development of this technology in the 1990s and created the largest worldwide customerbase for this technology. Xelas Software continues to support this customer base with the following products:

All Xelas CMIP application development and testing products include layers 5-7 of the OSI stack : Session, Presentation, ACSE, ROSE and CMISE. A Xelas lower layer OSI Protocol Stack is required to make a complete OSI stack profile - refer to Xelas UTS-TCP, UTS-LAN and UTS-X.25 products.

Products Highlights

  • Integrated GDMO and ASN.1 compilers
  • Static or Dynamic MIB Loading
  • C++ API Classes provide access to all CMISE and ACSE operations
  • GUI for Interactive MIB browsing, testing and script generation
  • C++ Code generation from compilers and GUI - significantly reduces development time
  • One stop vendor for full OSI Protocol Software - no third party products