Xelas Software is a leading telecom software company. Xelas Software Products encompass ASN.1,CDR,FTAM, CMIP, OSI, SONET/SDH, TMN and Trouble Ticketing software
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Xelas Energy Software IEC 61850 products are released

Xelas Software Available on Various Linux Versions
Xelas Software offers its main TMN software on Redhat and Suse Linux. Products include the CMIP, FTAM and OSI Protocols. Other Linux versions can be offered on specific customer demand.

Xelas Software Network Management Solutions on NSN Open Management Suite
While Nokia Siemens Networks focuses on the internal roll-out of its new Open Element management suite (OES), Xelas Software, as a network protocol integrator, provides plug-in connectivity for TMN, MTMN and MT-OSI systems in the open market.

Xelas Software X.400/X.500 (AMHS) Implementations in Growing Market
For secure messaging, in business scenarios where communication reliability is the absolute top priority, the Xelas Software X.400/X.500 solutions are again growing in popularity. These products are specifically used in AMHS (Air Traffic Services (ATS) Messaging Handling Services) solutions for the aviation industry.

Xelas Software Demonstrated Integration with Nokia Siemens Networks Applications at TeleManagement World in Nice
At the Telemanagement World in Nice, France, one of the world's leading conferences for the telecom industry, Xelas Software demonstrated its M*Ware connectivity to the Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) Open Element management sytem, the new network management flagship layer that will replace Nokia NetAct™ in the years to come.


Xelas Software

Xelas Software is a privately owned company which acquired the software linceses and intellectual property of Vertel Corporation and Retix in 2004. This software is used for network management, mediation and integration solutions for telecom equipment vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Tellabs, Ciena, Ericsson, NTT, Samsung and Huawei. Service providers who use Xelas solutions include Verizon, T-COM and China Unicom.

Xelas Energy Solutions

Please go to our Xelas Energy Division website for information on the IEC 61850 Products and Solutions.

Xelas Software Products

Our TMN product line includes CMIP, FTAM and OSI solutions which are installed in Telecom Networks worldwide. CMIP Managers and Agents can thus be easily developed or simulated.

GR-253 compliant OSI Protocol Stacks have been embedded by equipment manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NEC, Tellabs, Huawei and Ciena.

The M*Ware mediation and Network Management product provides a flexible platform for building EMS and NMS solutions.

M*Ware Exchange offer electronic bonding for the exchange of Trouble Tickets.

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